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"I feel very proud when I see how CAD has become a place where shy, reticent youngsters enter to be groomed into confident professionals ready to take on the world."
Dear students,
I am delighted to welcome all our new students to the CAD family. We are glad that you have chosen to study at CAD. We wish you much success as you fulfill your academic goals and as you learn more about yourself and your place in the world. The CAD Family of Institutes, in its 15 years long journey, has gained considerable expertise in providing technical education and commands tremendous respect all over the region and beyond. Amongst the self-financed institutes providing technical education in the region we are at the zenith, a position we have reached by the dint of our hard work and dedication.
The CAD family is acclaimed for its certifications who are widely considered to be well trained and ethically focused professionals. Students of the group are readily accepted for employment in the nation and beyond, since the programmes conducted here are designed and implemented to create capable professionals who can be an asset to any high-quality workforce. Faculty members administering these programmes are an ideal mix of knowledge and industry experience and are committed to maintaining a high level of professionalism and excellence.
Our trained become extraordinary citizens, community members and national and global leaders. In the past we have witnessed that the CAD experience prepares our students to become outstanding leaders who are engaged locally, nationally and globally. Our mission has evolved to create an expectation for students to apply in and out of classroom learning in ways that have significant and positive impacts on the professional world.
You are now part of a rich and diverse student body of over 4000 students representing various part of our Country.
We are so pleased that you are here, and on behalf of the Group, I wish you the very best throughout your years of study. We look forward to getting to know you better in the months ahead.
Eish Juneja

Career Guidence


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